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Everyone likes to feel special, #arewerightorwhat?

This page will always have the most up-to-date special offers we might be running either short-term or forever-term…

Check ’em out:

Intro to Floating 3-Pak

FLOATING…IS…AWESOME – and absolutely, completely, totally, 100% weird the first time around.  Now, you MAY be one of those cool-as-a-cucumber-unicorn types that just ‘gets it’ right off the bat…but most end up doing their very best sea otter impression, paddling around, pushing all the buttons and saying “wow, this is soooooo strange” over and over and over again (yes, that’s a confession).

The second float is usually much smoother – the novelty has somewhat faded and you JUST MIGHT ‘drop in’ to a nice meditation (or even sleep) at some point…

…but it’s that third float that will almost certainly tell you all you need to know!

This amazing therapy is very much a ‘practice’ – just like yoga or mediation – the more you do it, the better you get.  So, since we REALLY, REALLY want you to give it a fair chance before making up your mind…we’re offering this heavily discounted 3-pak of 60 minute floats to help you determine whether or not it’s right for YOU!

Third Time’s the Charm

$ 150 .00
A $90 Savings!
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For New Truthlings: 20% Off Your First Service!

Yep, this is our not-so-original-or-clever way of getting you in the door…because we simply KNOW that once you are, you’ll never want to leave.

Forever Grateful 

We are very, very lucky people.  Not only because we get to wake up and come to a job we absolutely LOVE every day (is it still called ‘work’ in that case?)…but also because we live in a strong, supportive and safe community where we are free to build, create, help and heal as many people as we can fit in the front door.

We are incredibly grateful for that opportunity and to thank those that DO help make this possible, we offer a 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL SERVICES to:

  • Police
  • Fire
  • EMTs
  • Active Military
  • Veterans

Simply bring your valid service/work ID, badge or other proof of service/employment along to your appointment and we will make the magic happen lickety-split.