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Do you have trouble quieting your mind? Do you often feel stressed or anxious? Are you interested in meditation but don’t know how or where to start?

Guided meditation has been used for centuries to help increase focus and self-awareness while creating a relaxed state within the body.  Often, it’s easier to simply listen and follow along, step-by-step to someone else’s suggestions.  These guided sessions often provide a more simple and achievable path to get “in the zone” mentally – which can help us get past whatever might be blocking us from reaching our full potential.

A session can also help to ‘reboot’ the mindset and give you the clarity and positive motivation needed to reach your goals.  Verbal tools will be provided so that you can learn to practice at home and throughout your day.  Regular practice can help lower blood pressure, alleviate symptoms of heart disease and provide counterpoint to issues causing depression and anxiety. This can also give you a better overall outlook on life while keeping you grounded and focused on the present moment.

Our Guided Meditation Offerings

60 Minute Session

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