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Feldenkrais is a method that engages the nervous system in an active learning process. It consists of very slow, gentle movements coupled with awareness. This safe exploration of movement allows one to let go of habitual tensions to find ease in both body and mind.

A one-on-one Feldenkrais session is personalized for each individual with special considerations for habitual patterns and the client’s goals for better functioning. Clients remain fully clothed and the practitioner gently moves a person on a tqble.

Feldenkrais sessions offer a gentle, effective, hands on approach, internationally known for addressing serious musculoskeletal and neurological problems as well as developmental delays in children.

Some Commonly Reported Benefits of the Feldenkrais Method:

• Reduced Physical Pain and Tension
• Reduced Stress and Anxiety
• Increased Flexibility and Mobility
• Improved Posture, Balance, and Stability
• Accelerated Recovery after Surgery, Injury or Trauma
• Enhanced Athletic or Artistic Performance

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