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Havening is a relatively new somatic method that uses soothing touch to create calming delta brain waves. Havening is a psychosensory tool based on neuroscience and neurobiology. It can help us reduce fears, stress, and break the loops of trauma.

In a Havening session the client and practitioner are seated. Both apply soothing touch to themselves. The client is guided in an experience that includes distraction and grounding
techniques paired with resource building. In this calm and receptive state, neurochemical reactions may occur that can dramatically shift our relationship to prior stressors.

The practitioner provides a compassionate presence and assurance of confidentiality. At all times there is choice to work within your level of comfort. It is important to recognize this is not therapy, nor is it a substitute for professional support. That said, it can be a powerful tool for changing patterns of stress that no longer serve you. After just one session, some clients report lasting shifts and that they integrate Havening touch in their daily lives.

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