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Inner Wisdom Energetics is a holistic, empathic approach to guiding you into greater connection with your body and mind. Why would you be disconnected from your body and mind? And if you are, how is this impacting your life? As we move through life, we develop defense patterns that guard us from trauma, stress and other overwhelming sensations. We’re left with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and/or fear which disconnect us from who we are, how we feel, and why we’re here. We become fragmented which leaves us feeling panicked, isolated, confused and as if there’s something missing in our lives. Through this trauma-informed approach, you are being connected with your innate healing intelligence to dissolve and transmute pain and suffering from its origin. As this process naturally unfolds, you are reconnected with the inner wisdom that cultivates mental, emotional and spiritual wellness giving you the ability to move with the rhythm of life with greater ease and integrity.

Profound healing only ever occurs from the inside-out.

This approach is unique in that it is addressing the source of our suffering. Unresolved trauma, guilt, shame, and other forms of psychological pain prevent us from feeling safe in the body. Until safety is integrated, we aren’t able to feel content, grounded and authentic in our expression of self. This work is redefining the healing paradigm by offering the empathic presence and guidance needed to dissolve, reintegrate, and transcend the traumas that hinder our healing. With empathy and compassionate-acceptance, you will be gently guided along your journey of healing and transformation.

The essence of our pain and suffering is the key to our profound healing.

This approach is a system of support for the deep inner work it takes to truly heal in all levels of being. It is the subtle and very precise nature of this approach that brings light to your truth and shows you the barriers to your healing. This is where this work safely initiates and guides your healing process so you can reach profound levels of healing that lead to greater insight, clarity and connection with self. This approach honors and encourages each of our profound, innate gift of self-healing.

As a disclaimer, this approach isn’t diagnosing or treating any condition but rather bringing gentle awareness and connection back into the body and mind to allow full expression of self.

What to expect:

Sessions are performed fully-clothed with light layers. Hooded sweaters and shoes are to be removed with socks preferred. The initial intake involves face-to-face seated conversation followed with a table session in a private and safe space where you will be face-down on a padded table for about 15-20 minutes.

If conditions prevent a client from being able to lay face-down for an extended period of time, modifications can be made for work to be performed while on the client’s back but ideally the session is face-down.

Throughout a session, light, very specific contacts may be made along the spine particularly in the neck and sacrum/pelvis areas.

Light, gentle movement of the legs will be performed for physiological, energetic and nervous system assessment. As a client, you will be invited to relax during the session and surrender into the moment while you’ll be guided into curious exploration of your experience.

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