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Autey Welsh

Hey! My name is Autey and I can’t wait to see you at Truth.

I am currently attending Hereford High School where I am living it up with the cows! My favorite class at school is English (nerdy, I know!). Creative writing is a passion of mine, and my English class gives me so many opportunities to bring my thoughts to life.

I haven’t thought much about what my life is going to look like after high school, but I know I definitely want to go to college down south where it’s warm and sunny!

Besides playing volleyball or running track, my free time consists of photographing EVERYTHING and doodling random things that come into my mind. I love drawing on my shoes in class because it makes me different and saves me from boredom.

I look forward to meeting everyone and telling you about all of the cool things we have to offer. This place is TRUTH-fully a one of a kind business that allows you to tap into your inner hippie while healing and helping your body!