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I’m an educator at heart who believes each person holds an innate capacity for growth. My first career was teaching preschool-1st graders. I believe a sense of safety and play are vital for learning and living well at any age.

After raising two children, my next chapter evolved when I found the somatic education of Feldenkrais Method and Havening Technique. In 2010, a Feldenkrais practitioner helped me see the relationship between my eye patterns and my quirky back. I was hooked, and completed the 4-year Baltimore Feldenkrais training. Then I added Havening to my repertoire.

Both Feldenkrais and Havening are calming approaches grounded in neuroscience. The exploration of these methods help us to release tensions and develop a deeper awareness of physical and emotional patterns. More ease, freedom, and a sense of empowerment is possible. These are my deeply held beliefs and life’s work.

When I’m not immersed in somatic education and psychology interests, you might find me outdoors. I love gardening, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and playing with art supplies. I also make the peace tee shirts featured in the Truth Mind & Body boutique! I’ve happily donated over $5000 to nonprofits over the last 6 years with that project. I’m excited to offer individual Feldenkrais and Havening sessions at Truth Mind & Body. I also teach verbally guided Feldenkrais group classes each month. They are called Awareness Through Movement lessons. I hope we can play together soon!