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Photo taken with Focos


As a student of life and an observer of my experience, I’m always questioning and challenging my beliefs in pursuit of my authenticity. This tendency aligns me with the natural rhythms that guide me through my life and all of the transformations needed to step into the next most integrated and whole version of myself. I’ve found over my life that the most important relationship I need to tend to is the one I have established with myself; my emotions, thoughts, sense of self, purpose and spirit. When I find myself connected with each of these, there is an ‘Inner Wisdom’ that emerges within me, anchoring me into the true nature of my being.

Following my intuition, I discovered my calling to the healing path. I find inspiration and purpose in channeling my spiritual perception to help others reconnect to their authentic nature and discover a healing potential that goes beyond just managing, balancing, or ‘getting rid of’ pain whether it is physical, emotional or psychological.

The conventional western thought is that we are all victims to life, we must do all we can to survive, and that’s life. What if there was a way to shift our entire beings to realize that there’s more to life than just survival? What if there’s a more integrated version of you, waiting to realize that this existence is meant for you to THRIVE and feel more empowered, free and whole? I’m here to show you that you are so much more than you think you are. I’m here to discover the extraordinary within each of us and guide others through deep transformational healing. This is the beginning of your ‘Welcome Home.’


I’m an educator at heart who believes each person holds an innate capacity for growth. My first career was teaching preschool-1st graders. I believe a sense of safety and play are vital for learning and living well at any age.

After raising two children, my next chapter evolved when I found the somatic education of Feldenkrais Method and Havening Technique. In 2010, a Feldenkrais practitioner helped me see the relationship between my eye patterns and my quirky back. I was hooked, and completed the 4-year Baltimore Feldenkrais training. Then I added Havening to my repertoire.

Both Feldenkrais and Havening are calming approaches grounded in neuroscience. The exploration of these methods help us to release tensions and develop a deeper awareness of physical and emotional patterns. More ease, freedom, and a sense of empowerment is possible. These are my deeply held beliefs and life’s work.

When I’m not immersed in somatic education and psychology interests, you might find me outdoors. I love gardening, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and playing with art supplies. I also make the peace tee shirts featured in the Truth Mind & Body boutique! I’ve happily donated over $5000 to nonprofits over the last 6 years with that project. I’m excited to offer individual Feldenkrais and Havening sessions at Truth Mind & Body. I also teach verbally guided Feldenkrais group classes each month. They are called Awareness Through Movement lessons. I hope we can play together soon!