A Unique Approach to Wellness

Find Your Inner Truth

We are therapy, rethought.  Sure, everyone needs it…but not everyone needs the same thing, the same way. We totally get that – and we’ve got you covered. Mix, match, merge – or just do it all:

Take a mindwalk into ‘the void’ in our Epsom salt float suites • Trust our massage, energy and skincare pros for some hands-on healing • Experience the awesome power of water on our hydromassage bed • Purify and heal in our infrared sauna • Zone out in our zero-gravity-3D massage recliners • Drift away in our ZeroBody Dry Float • Wake up or wind down with our live and virtual yoga sessions.

From the moment you step in the door, you’ll feel the difference – our vibe is authentic and edgy, hip and loose, down-to-earth and very, very much ALIVE.  We are not your grandmother’s day spa… we are something different altogether.

In addition to individual services, we also offer a variety of tailored memberships – all run by a crew of talented, energetic, like-minded people.

Oh, and there’s free stuff too – assorted teas and such – in case you just want to chill in our lounge for a bit while you meditate, read or just veg out.

Click around, check us out and feel free to hit us up with any questions.  Open 6-days a week, with awesome hours, we’re here for you.  So, when you’re ready, please come on in and introduce yourself – we want to help you find YOUR inner truth.

Discover Our Truth

Find out how we came to be here…and where we want to go.