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Make a wellness promise to yourself – because you are totally worth it.  Our super-flexible monthly membership reminds you to regularly ‘check in’ on your own well-being – something all too many of us neglect to do, am I right?!?

Each month, you’ll cash in your ‘Reality Check’ for your choice of one of the following base services:

  • 45 Minute Facial
  • 60 Minute Massage (upgrade fees may apply depending on type of service selected)*
  • 60 Minute Reiki Session
  • 60 Minute Float + 15 Minute Power Down

Want to come in for a 2nd, 3rd or 10th service that month?  Well, guess what…you’ll only pay another $90 for each additional base service you choose from the above list (versus the $120+ walk-in rate) – in other words, YOU’LL SAVE ON EVERYTHING!

Active Reality Check members in good standing can ALSO:

  • add one (1) family member/spouse/significant other to your account for FREE!  They will have access to your Reality Checks and your pricing discounts across the board!  Additional family members can be added for a $25 fee.
  • get 25% off all Power Down appointments
  • get 15% off select boutique items**

C’mon…this is pretty awesome, right?!

Each month, we’ll auto-charge your credit card on file renewing your ‘monthly contract’ – each Reality Check has a lifespan of 6-months once it hits your account, there’s no long term commitment and you can cancel at anytime…***

…but why on earth WOULD you?! Come play with us – you won’t regret it!  Sign up in person during your next visit or just give us a call!


* You can apply the value of your Reality Check toward any Specialty Service we offer as well!  We will apply the base value toward same…then you’ll simply pay the upgrade difference! Specialty Services include:

  • CBD Massage (+$20 upgrade)
  • Cupping Massage (+$10 upgrade)
  • Deep Tissue Massage (+$20 upgrade)
  • Prenatal Massage (+$20 upgrade)
  • Sound Massage (+$10 upgrade)
  • Warm Stone Therapy (+$10 upgrade)
  • Extend to 90 Minutes (+$30 upgrade)
  • Extend to 120 Minutes (+$80 upgrade)

**Excludes gift cards, monthly auto-pays, gratuities, books/journals, all local arts and crafts

*** MEMBERSHIP TERMINATION POLICY: Please read this carefully!!  To be fair to all of our clients and to protect our buiness and, by extension, our employees, exceptions will NOT be made!

If for some crazy reason you DO decide to leave us, you will have 90-days from date of termination to use any services that have accrued on your account (not including any services that naturally expire prior to that date).  Should you ultimately decide to rejoin us, there will be a $50 reinstatement fee.  As we don’t ask our clients to sign a long-term contract, we must have SOME means of deterring folks from hopping on and off willy-nilly!

Reality Check Membership

$ 90 .00
monthly recurring fee - must be purchased in-store