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We’re massage junkies. That includes ALL KINDS of massage, to be clear…

…but we know that not everyone likes to be touched…many feel shy about getting down to their skivvies under the sheets…some are sensitive to massage creams and oils…and more than a few simply don’t have an hour to spend on the table.  The reasons are as varied as we are…but goshdarnit, we ALL love a good massage!  It’s a real conundrum.  So, what to do?!?

Voila!  HydroMassage to the rescue!

Think: ‘heated, massaging waterbed for one.’  The powerful internal water jets can move the length of the table and are controlled completely by YOU via the mounted tablet – allowing you to adjust and personalize their speed, intensity and coverage – all while you remain completely clothed and comfortably kicked back with your screen and headphones tuned to the sights and sounds of your choosing.  Or, you can do what we do…just close our eyes and enjoy the motion of the ocean.

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Our HydroMassage Offerings

~ Power Down Pass ~ 15 Minute Session

$ 15 .00
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15 Minute Session

$ 20 .00
Non-Member Rate * Can Be Booked Back-to-Back
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