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We are positively THRILLED to introduce you to the greatest team on the planet…or maybe even across the whole galaxy…or heck, if you want our opinion, throughout the ENTIRE UNIVERSE!

Our friendly and knowledgeable Front Desk Crew will be our ambassadors and your guides…knowledgeable in all areas of our space, ready and able to assist you with any retail items, booking needs or questions you might have about particular services or wellness providers.  If ever the answer isn’t at their fingertips, rest assured, they will find it for you tout suite!

Representing a broad range of modalities, each wellness provider is tremendously gifted in their respective craft. When we built this house, we vowed to create a space where “great people were free to be great”…to never stifle individuality, always encourage creativity and allow flair and whimsy to flow naturally. After all, talent blossoms best in the wild! With all this personality and style to choose from, you’re BOUND to find your wellness soulmate!