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Lemme guess…you just LOVE the ocean…and outer space…right?  Seriously, who doesn’t…

Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friend.  This awesome deals offer incredible savings and includes:

  • two, 60 minute floats each month for just $130 (a $170 value)!
  • any additional 60-min floats will also be just $65 each!

So, you’re a beach bum, amateur astronomer AND bargain hunter?!?  *HIGH-FIVE*

*this membership is shareable with 1 predesignated person, services expire 6-months from date of purchase/activation*

MEMBERSHIP TERMINATION POLICY: Please read this carefully!!  To be fair to all of our clients and to protect our buiness and, by extension, our employees, exceptions will NOT be made!

If for some crazy reason you DO decide to leave us, you will have 90-days from date of termination to use any services that have accrued on your account (not including any services that naturally expire prior to that date).  Should you ultimately decide to rejoin us, there will be a $50 reinstatement fee.  As we don’t ask our clients to sign a long-term contract, we must have SOME means of deterring folks from hopping on and off willy-nilly!


$ 130 .00
monthly recurring fee - must be purchased in-store