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Designed to address the specific needs of our more mature clients, this type of therapy employs gentle massage techniques.  Using light amounts of oil or lotion, the therapist is better able to manipulate muscles without creating excessive friction to sensitive or ‘thin’ skin.

By also incorporating light, passive stretching, these combined techniques can help enhance blood circulation, combat depression, improve balance and flexibility, reduce the pain of arthritis, increase joint mobility, improve posture, and encourage overall well-being.  Frequently, as we age, we suffer from ‘touch-deprivation’ and massage has been known to provide comfort and relieve anxiety in these cases.

THE TRUTH IS: Silver Massage is not for everyone. We strongly recommend that you initially consult your with your doctor and get the ‘green light’ to proceed. Many clients choose to have a friend or family member join them on their first visit to ensure they have a comfortable and relaxing experience. You may decide what amount of clothing you prefer to wear during your massage; however, rest-assured that you will be properly draped by your therapist throughout your session.

Our Silver Massage Offerings

60 Minute Session

$ 120 .00
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90 Minute Session

$ 150 .00
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