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WOW.  This decades-old (yet still relatively mysterious) therapy is so very, very fascinating…where do we begin?  We know you have loads of questions…and we have loads of answers!  So, let’s get to it!

First things first, click on the image below to step ‘through the magic door’ and take a peek into one of our single float cabins!  Simply drag your mouse (or finger) around to see the full, panoramic-360 degree view!

Step Through the Magic Door!

What is Floating?

Our floats are experienced in a roomy, enclosed ‘float cabin’ situated inside a private ‘float suite’. The single cabin tub is filled with about 300 gallons (8” to 10” deep) of 94 degree (skin temperature) water in which we’ve dissolved a little over half a ton (1,100 lb to be precise) of Epsom salt. The resulting float solution is roughly 10% more dense than the Dead Sea – which means that once you step inside, lay back and relax, absolutely ZERO effort is required on your part to float!

We understand that where the mind goes, the body will almost surely follow. As the mind enters a deep state of calm, your body cannot help but experience similar effects. The body has an opportunity to reset and realign itself, and it is common for neck, back, and joints to pleasantly pop during a float. Blood pressure reduces as the body moves away from physical tension related to the “fight or flight” instinct and enters its natural state of rest.

Research has demonstrated floating reduces pain of multiple types, whether caused by an acute injury, physical exertion, or chronic condition—including tension-related muscle pain and fibromyalgia. Muscles feel especially positive benefits from floating, as the combination of support and Epsom salt work together to give them total relief. The body absorbs magnesium from the Epsom salt-infused water, which facilitates flushing of lactic acid from tired muscles.

Magnesium sulfate also helps build bones, enables nerves to function, and is essential to the body’s production of energy from food. The high concentrations of magnesium sulfate used in flotation therapy promote its absorption, which can also reduce inflammation and pain, improve heart conditions, support mental health, contribute to longevity, and more.

An additional benefit enjoyed by many is an excellent night of sleep following a float, which serves those with insomnia or recovering from shift work or jet lag. The relaxed, easy feeling of the ‘post-float glow’ is something that has to be experienced to be understood.

Your float can take you many, many places…allowing and stimulating myriad thoughts, ideas, emotions and sensations. Novels have been conceived, masterpieces visualized and opuses composed – each experience is as unique as the person floating – and regular floaters often attest that no two floats are alike!

The Whys and Whos

The primary reasons people float are to reduce chronic anxiety, heighten cognitive function and relieve pain. Some people float to escape the hustle-bustle of life and relax for a few hours, while others use floating as a therapy for anxiety and stress . Floating is also used to increase creativity, to find clarity in problem-solving, improve attention and retention, as well as explore thoughts and emotions in a semi-conscious or meditative state. Others float to enhance athletic performance or to help manage and reduce pain and inflammation as a supplement or replacement for pain medication and physical therapy.

Just about EVERYONE can benefit from floating – and it’s certainly not limited to any particular demographic. In particular, those who have a need for managing stress (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) or are interested in increasing creativity, improving cognitive thought, enhancing athletic performance… or those seeking relief by reducing inflammation and pain – ALL find floating highly therapeutic.

Yessireebob! Although float cabins are physically safe for children, some may experience episodes of fear or claustrophobia. In some reports, children mention that the darkness is calm and peaceful as opposed to the scary darkness of their bedrooms at night. Young adults age 15 and up may use our float cabins with parent’s written consent. Children ages 10 to 14 may float so long as a parent or guardian are present at the studio during the float. Children 5 to 10 may join their parent or guardian in our double float cabin.

We do, indeed, have one double float cabin that can accommodate a couple’s float.

With that said, let’s just address the elephant in the float room, shall we? Our floats are meant to be used for relaxation and meditation – not for ‘other activities’ (if you catch our drift). Moreover, trust us when we say that there are places on/in your body that you really DO NOT want this concentration of saltwater – so please, for ALL of our sakes’ – no ‘getting funky’ in our float cabin, okay? As mentioned elsewhere in the FAQ, we go to great lengths to keep our water spectacularly clean – this includes scanning the water with a black light for organic material. Should we find evidence of any aforementioned ‘funkiness’, you may be charged up to $1,100 for us to perform an unscheduled deep-clean on the cabin. Worst of all, you will be banned from returning to our wellness center permanently. So, yeah…just don’t do it, please.

The science coming out on the effects of floating on various mental and physical conditions/disorders is nothing short of astonishing. We decided to build a double-float with some of these scenarios in mind: a parent, guardian or friend floating with an emotionally, mentally or physically challenged child or adult; a helper floating with someone who requires assistance getting in and out of the float cabin; a pregnant woman and partner floating together to practice birthing techniques and breathing – or simply bonding while alleviating some of the aches and pains associated with late term pregnancy. Honestly, the possibilities are endless…and we’d love to hear any ideas YOU might have on how to maximize these benefits for all!

The Experience

The great news here is that YOU control the experience! The ultimate goal of floating is to immerse yourself in an environment free of all sensory distractions: tactile, light and sound. However, if you’re not quite ready to take it ‘all the way down’, no problem – you can choose to leave the cabin door open; leave the in-tub or overhead star lights on – it’s entirely up to you! You can take a panoramic sneak peek at the inside of one of our single float cabins here.

You’re not alone. Many float newbies worry that the enclosed nature of a float cabin will trigger claustrophobia – but most of those same people also find that once a float session begins, the room actually seems BOUNDLESS – more like floating in outer space than being shut in a box! Our single float cabins are the width of a double bed and our double float cabin is the size of a queen bed – all with seven-foot starlight ceilings! If you’d like to have a look at our facilities before scheduling a session, please give us a call to book a tour.

The time of day is objectively irrelevant. Some people prefer the morning, some the afternoon and others the evening. We recommend you try a few different times of day and see what benefits you the most!

Just like yoga, meditation, exercise or therapy, floating is a ‘practice.’ It is common to have a pleasant and relaxing experience during your first float – though, for some, it may take a few times for the ‘novelty’ of the experience to diminish so that you can effectively find stillness. Regardless, you can expect to find that the experience strengthens and lengthens each time. You may only realize the full therapeutic potential of floating after multiple sessions. Many people find that floating 1-2 times a week allows them to sustain the benefits indefinitely. It’s for this reason that we offer the heavily discounted 3-pack for first time floaters – so be sure to take advantage!

We supply just about everything you’ll need to have a great float experience!  Things like makeup remover wipes, ear plugs, Q-tips, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, soft towels, robes and slippers. In our ‘primp’ rooms, we have hair dryers and a complimentary selection of styling products and personal comfort items. You’ll want to bring along your comb or hair brush and any cosmetics you want to reapply.

You sure don’t, but if you’re feeling shy or nervous your first time around, feel free! We strongly recommend that you float ‘in the buff’ as bathing suits can create unwanted tactile (touchy or pinching) distractions that can disrupt your experience. Remember, you’re in a private float suite with a locking door – no one will see you except YOU!

The Hygiene, Safety & Medical Stuff

And THEN some!! In fact, floating is EXTREMELY hygienic! Ever heard of the Dead Sea? Of course you have. Now, do you know why it bears this morbid moniker? Because virtually NOTHING can survive in that level of salinity (aka: salt content) – and our floats are roughly 20% saltier than the Dead Sea! We know this is a biggie, so allow us to explain even further…

Beyond the natural level of cleanliness created by the salinity, between each float session our water is pumped through a micron filter four times (grabbing even the smallest-of-the-small particles – 75 times smaller than the width of a human hair, in fact!).  During this filtration, the water is also blasted with ultraviolet light and dosed with hydrogen peroxide for sterilization. The tub is also hand-skimmed and scanned with a black light to ensure any and all organic material has been completely purged from the tub.

Additionally, we adhere to an extremely strict set of testing protocols. The water is tested every single day for hygiene, specific gravity, pH balance, sterilization and temperature. Essentially, our cabins contain the cleanest, clearest water you will ever see!

Congratulations!! You’ve achieved the ultimate relaxation level! Seriously, though, if you do fall asleep (and people absolutely do, all the time) you will remain floating – on your back – with no worries. Soft music/earth sounds and lights (if you turned them off) will gently wake you when your float session is nearing its end. Even if you’re SUPER-crashed, the filtration system kicking on will most assuredly wake you…but if you manage to sleep through that too, we can call your name through the in-cabin intercom and/or knock on the suite door. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you overnight 😉

Saltwater isn’t harmful to you…it just won’t FEEL very good! If you do inadvertently touch your eyes, nose or mouth during your float and feel some stinging, worry not – there will be a spray bottle of fresh water and a clean, dry washcloth within reach.

You COULD, but here’s the deal: if you DO manage to get saltwater in your eyes (it can happen) you will struggle to clear your eyes with contacts in, so we recommend that you take them out prior to coming to the studio, if possible – or, if you need them to drive (or to keep from walking into walls), bring your lens case and solution with you!

And don’t worry – if you do happen to forget to take your contacts out before you arrive at the and forget your lens case, we do have cases and solution available for your use.

While we DO supply ear plugs for your use, you certainly aren’t required to use them – it’s really a matter of personal preference. We would suggest the first couple of times you float that you wear them, and once you’ve become more accustomed to floating, try one without them – then you can decide for yourself what’s most comfortable!

We use Mack’s silicone earplugs – the very best, in our opinion!  And, since so many of you have asked, here’s a short video tutorial on precisely how to use them!

If you opt NOT to use ear plugs, you  WILL get saltwater in your ears. Again, there’s nothing harmful here, it’s simply a function of your personal comfort. We will supply cotton swabs and a vinegar/water solution which you can use to clean your ears post-float, if needed.

Yes, indeed! The near-zero-gravity experienced while floating can help relieve many aches and pains commonly associated with pregnancy. However, you should always check with your doctor prior to floating, just to be certain.

Abso-freakin’-lutely! Epsom salt, or more specifically, the magnesium within it, is very soothing and restorative for many different types of skin conditions. Some people have reported seeing immediate easing of their condition after floating.

Sure can! In fact, the benefits of the magnesium are known to ease the symptoms of PMS. Please use the same sanitary precautions as when swimming in a pool.

Float cabins are not recommended for some people. Anyone with one or more of the following conditions should not use float cabins: uncontrolled epilepsy, drug or alcohol intoxication, infectious disease, open wounds and serious psychological conditions.

The Stuff You Really Want to Ask

(but probably won’t)

Floating has been around for over 50 years and has oodles of published research to back it up. No mumbo or jumbo here.

Although our float cabins have doors that look like ‘hatches’ and seem to ‘seal’ when they close (to make them soundproof and lightproof), they are NEVER airtight. Ventilation is always more than adequate.

While it’s possible to drown in any pool of liquid, float cabins are much safer than most other bodies of water because of the shallow water and the high concentration of salt and resulting density – in other words, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to sink in a float cabin. In fact, you must make a concerted effort to turn onto your side or onto your front side! In this latter case, the salt in your eyes and nose will most CERTAINLY have you upright in a big, fat hurry! As we said above, people safely sleep in float cabins all the time, so don’t fret.

Don’t worry, Pig-Pen…it will come right out in the regular wash.

Nope. Unlike regular water, Epsom saltwater nourishes your skin instead of dehydrating it! Some places out West are doing OVERNIGHT floats now!

Yes, but you’re not submerged in water, you don’t eat ritualistic mushrooms and only a small percentage of floaters turn into proto-human monkeys.

(We’d love to take credit for coming up with this last question/answer – but that wouldn’t be very ‘truthful’ now, would it?  We totally swiped this from our buddies at Float On out in Portland, Oregon!)

Still Have a Question?

Think up something we didn’t cover above?  Color us impressed!  That’s quite an imagination you’ve got there!  Feel free to hit us up directly by email or phone – we’re happy to talk about anything you can dream up in that big, beautiful brain of yours!

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