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What is Sound Massage?

By using Tibetan “singing bowls” to apply vibration and sound, a deeper sense of relaxation on a neurological level as well as a physical level can be achieved. This allows the brain to drop into Alpha, Theta and Delta wave lengths, the same brain waves we have during deep relaxation and meditation. It also provides the same benefits of traditional massage for someone who is sensitive to touch, has had recent surgery or injuries that prevent traditional massage application.

What should I expect?

Three (3) bowls will be used on various points of the feet, shoulders, back and belly. After all the bowls have ceased vibrating and have been removed from the body, you are given about 5-minutes to relax and absorb the changes made during the session. A small chime will be sounded at the end to gently bring you back from your journey.

How heavy are these bowls?

All three (3) bowls are made of bronze with other trace minerals and can look like they’d weigh a ton! Not to worry, even the biggest bowl is a comfortable weight – similar to a large cat or medium-sized dog. You can always ask your practitioner to move it slightly if it’s uncomfortable or you don’t like the weight at all.

How will I feel after my session?

People have experienced a feeling of being “lighter” or have had small changes in how their body moves. One of the most often reported effects is a cleaning of the fluids in the system. As the vibration acts on the lymph fluid and your body processes out stagnant material in the tissue, the kidneys work overtime and clean your systems. It is incredibly important that you stay hydrated after a session to help this process and reap the full benefits of a sound massage. The best thing is that this massage is light enough that you can experience sessions as close or as far apart as you feel necessary for your health.

THE TRUTH IS: Sound Massage is not for everyone. We strongly recommend that you stop by our studio or give us a call to discuss your specific concerns and needs to determine if this type of therapy a good option for you!

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