Pre-Float Checklist: The Dos and Don’ts

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DO have a small meal about 90-minutes before you float. This will help keep your stomach from letting you know your body needs energy (growling) during your float.

DON’T shave or wax any part of your body the day of your float. The elevated levels of salt can cause a stinging sensation on newly shaved or waxed skin. Just imagine getting salt in a paper cut!

DON’T float if you have any open wounds. We do supply petroleum jelly to cover small nicks and scratches, but you should avoid floating with anything larger, we all know that salt in a big, or small cut can be very painful.

DON’T consume any caffeine for a few hours before your float. Caffeine can make it difficult for you to quiet your mind while floating.

DON’T float, or book a float if you’ve gotten a tattoo within 30-days of your float.

DON’T float if you received a spray tan within 48-hours prior to your float.

YOUR HAIR IS GOING TO GET WET!  Swim caps do NOT keep your hair dry – they simply reduce drag!

DON’T float if you have hair extensions or keratin treatments. The Epsom salt can shorten the life of keratin treatments and can weaken the glue used in hair extensions.

DON’T float if you use beeswax or any other wax-based or heavy oil/grease-based hair products.  The Epsom salt will pull these products from your hair and force them to ‘clump’ – which will clog our filtration system.

DON’T float if you’ve recently had your hair dyed with permanent or semi-permanent color – and not at ALL if you hair is dyed with temporary color.  The basic rule is this: you need to have washed your hair at least 3-4 times since your hair color was applied and must be able to pass the ‘white towel test’ – this means that ZERO color is coming out when you rinse, and there is ZERO sign of color if you vigorously rub your wet hair with a white towel.

Hair dyes, waxes and oils are EXTREMELY difficult for us to handle – it’s a long and very expensive process to remove it from our water and filtration equipment.  If we discover that our water has been contaminated by any of these products in your hair, we must drain the tub, dismantle the filters, clean everything, refill the tub and replace the 1,100 to 1,600 lb of Epsom salt we just had to dump unnecessarily.

This costs us roughly $1,500 and we will be forced to pass that cost along to you!

And last, but most CERTAINLY not least…