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UPDATED: May 1, 2023

*Hiya, Truthlings!*

Like the rest of the world, we’re just “rollin’ with the punches” through this thing!  Rest assured, however, that we diligently work to maintain the safest possible environment for you and our Truth Team Members!

Limited Service Offerings:

In light of all the health and safety guidance we continue to receive, we are limiting certain services:

  • Floats continue to be limited to 60-Minute sessions for the time being.
  • All other service offerings are operating normally!

Before your Appointment:

  • If you’ve not been in since the initial shutdown in March of 2020, please complete our updated General Waiver as it now includes important information regarding COVID-19. If you’d like to get this taken care of now, great! You can access that form by clicking here: General Waiver
  • We ask that any additional intake forms required for your appointment type also be completed electronically. Completing these prior to your arrival at the studio will greatly reduce the amount of ‘shared touch’ items such as pens, clipboards, paper, etc. You can access all of our forms by clicking here: Intake Forms
  • If you’ve not already confirmed your appointment via our email (48-hrs prior) or text reminders )24-hrs prior), we will give you a confirmation call the day before your appointment. Please advise us then if you aren’t feeling well or have reason to consider yourself to be at-risk or having had possible exposure to COVID-19.  We will be happy to help you reschedule your appointment for a later date. Please be advised that we ARE ENFORCING our 24-hr Cancellation Policy!

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes:

  • Since Day #1, we have been closely monitoring and digesting all guidance as handed down from myriad health, safety and regulatory officials – and we will continue to do so!
  • All Truth Team Members will continue to receive service/job-specific instructions and training as is recommended by each service type/industry with which we’re involved (Front Desk, Float Center, Body Work, Energy Work, Skin Care, Waxing and Yoga) and will maintain best practices as recommended by each.
  • All high-touch common area surfaces throughout the studio are cleaned/sanitized using an EPA-approved sanitizer in regular intervals.
  • Shared treatment room surfaces are appropriately cleaned/sanitized between clients.
  • As usual, all linens will be stripped and laundered between clients, but we will now be using the highest temperature water and dryer heat settings.
  • We have 3-phase ‘air scrubbers’ for each Treatment/Power Down room which utilize HEPA filters, UV-C light and activated charcoal.
  • We have UV-C ‘glow towers’ that can be placed in treatment rooms between shifts for additional whole-room disinfecting.

Thanks for slogging through all this info, Truthlings – it’s IMPORTANT and we appreciate your attention!

We may modify this list periodically as new information becomes available, so please check back before each visit to see if anything has changed! As always, please feel free to contact us directly by email: or phone/text: 443.595.8038 should you have any questions!


All Our Love,

~ Stacey, Bob & The Entire Truth Team