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UPDATED: December 1, 2020


*Hiya, Truthlings!*

Here we are…in our brave, new world!

If you’ve heard it once over the past months, then you’ve likely heard it 1,000 times: ‘We’re all in this together!’…and guess what…it’s TRUE! We all must willingly agree to give ourselves and each other a LOT of extra time, effort and consideration if we’re going to get back to some sense of ‘normality’ – even if it’s a wholly redefined version!

As I’m sure you expected, we’ve made a BUNCH of changes around here. The information below is in no way exhaustive and additional instructions may be provided to you by Truth Team Members by email, phone or once you’ve arrived the studio!

Please understand that everything we’re doing is in an attempt to create and maintain the safest possible environment for you and our Truth Team Members.

We know everyone has been under a lot of stress, emotions are high and fuses are short – we’re all feeling the same things. So, please try to continue to practice ‘positive patience’…be understanding, be gentle, be kind. This is all BRAND NEW for each and every one of us and getting into a rhythm may take some time – but we WILL get there!

With all of that said, let’s get down to the nitty gritty:

Limited Service Offerings:

In light of all the health and safety guidance we’re receiving and the new variables we will be dealing with behind the scenes (handling new equipment, augmented cleaning/sanitizing, therapist PPE requirements, etc.), we are limiting certain services:

  • We will continue to leave all group activities such as Yoga, Workshops and Events temporarily suspended pending further guidance from health and regulatory agencies.  We are currently using the yoga studio as our ‘socially-distanced’ lounge/waiting area so we will be offering one (1), 60-minute private class each day BEFORE we open: Tuesday thru Saturday: 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM and Sunday and Monday: 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM.  Single private classes book at $135.  OR, buy a 5-Pak of private classes and the price drops to $100 per class!  That $500 must be prepaid in full and all five (5) classes must be used within 6-months from date of purchase! If you are interested in scheduling a private class, please call the studio!  443.595.8038
  • We are suspending certain Body Work modalities as some require tools or a therapist/client proximity that simply isn’t practical under the current circumstances. You can see the services we WILL be offering by clicking here: Body Work
  • For all Body Work and Energy Work appointments, you will be required to wear your mask while face-up on the treatment table.  Once you flip over, however, you will be permitted to remove your mask as we’ve modified our face cradle dressing to allow for you to more comfortably (and safely) breathe while in this position.
  • We are now performing all facial and waxing services.
  • Floats will be limited to 60-Minute sessions for the time being.
  • All Power Downs are open and operating as usual.

Before Your Appointment:

  • We have created a new 2020 General Waiver which will need to be completed by ALL CLIENTS (both existing and new) as it now includes important information regarding COVID-19. If you’d like to get this completed now, great! You can access that form by clicking here: 2020 General Waiver
  • We ask that any additional intake forms required for your appointment type also be completed electronically. Completing these prior to your arrival at the studio will greatly reduce the amount of ‘shared touch’ items such as pens, clipboards, paper, etc. You can access all of our forms by clicking here: Intake Forms
  • We will give you a confirmation call the day before your appointment. During that call, we will ask you a short series of questions regarding your health. Any client considered to be at-risk or having had possible exposure to COVID-19 will be asked to reschedule their appointment to a later date. All late cancellation penalties are being waived at this time, so don’t fret about that – we just want everyone to stay healthy!

Arriving the Studio:

  • Please bring as FEW personal items as possible with you and keep them contained while you’re with us. We do recommend that you bring along your own water bottle/refreshment as we will not be offering any water, tea or snacks for the time being.
  • You will now find several chairs set up outside our storefront. Weather-permitting, our clients and any companions accompanying you to your appointment may feel free to wait here. We’ve also temporarily converted our Yoga Studio into a socially-distanced waiting room; however, we’d prefer to minimize everyone’s exposure to one another indoors – please use your best judgement. Regardless, please, be sure to check-in with the Front Desk as soon as you arrive so we know you’re here. All companions will be asked to wait for you outside the studio.
  • We are using a ‘touchless’ thermometer to take the temperatures of all Truth Team Members and clients each time they arrive at the studio. We will also ask you in person about how you’re feeling and whether or not you have developed any of the symptoms we discussed by phone the day prior.

During Your Visit:

  • Please listen carefully and adhere to all instructions provided by our Front Desk Associates and your Therapists! We have been working extremely hard to develop these new protocols and procedures to keep our space as clean as possible and protect our collective health!
  • The entire Truth Team will be outfitted with personal protective equipment (PPE) appropriate to their role and the services they are providing. We will also continue to practice good hygiene using our normal safeguards of hand-washing and will have hand sanitizer available throughout the studio for both clients and Truth Team Members.
  • Clients must also wear select PPE appropriate for the services they are receiving. Face masks will be required for all persons coming into contact with other persons for the duration of your visit/services, so we encourage you to bring along your own mask for your comfort; however, we will have disposable masks available for you, if needed. These protocols may vary by service and change as additional information becomes available from health and regulatory officials.
  • Since new information suggests that glove-wearing can actually do more harm than good in most situations, please don’t wear them in! We ask that you simply ‘keep your hands to yourself’ while in the studio! Our restrooms will be fully stocked with hand-washing supplies and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the studio; however, we would ask that you allow Truth Team Members to handle all opening/closing of treatment room doors. Just try to touch as little as possible while you’re with us! A good trick is to fold your arms while you’re moving about – we promise not to think you’re upset with us!
  • We will continue to offer retail sales in our boutique. You will be able to try on clothing items, however, you cannot sample any of our bath and body products at this time. We ask that you refrain from touching products until you’re ready to purchase! Please ask our Front Desk Associates for assistance if you would like to read a label, tag, or just get a closer look at something!

Checking Out:

  • If you are a Member with services available for use on your account, we will automatically apply same for you at the end of your appointment.
  • We will continue to honor cash as payment; however, ‘touchless’ payment options are preferable.
  • If you already have a credit card on file with us that you’d like to use for payment, you can simply verbally authorize us to use that payment option. We will forgo all signatures for the time being.
  • If you do not have a credit card on file with us, please consider adding one so that we may keep our transactions ‘touchless’ now and moving forward!
  • As always, we will have envelopes available for cash gratuities or can process same by credit card.

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes:

  • Since Day #1, we have been closely monitoring and digesting all guidance as handed down from myriad health, safety and regulatory officials – and we will continue to do so!
  • All Truth Team Members will continue to receive service/job-specific instructions and training as is recommended by each service type/industry with which we’re involved (Front Desk, Float Center, Body Work, Energy Work, Skin Care, Waxing and Yoga) and will maintain best practices as recommended by each.
  • All high-touch common area surfaces throughout the studio will be sanitized using an EPA-approved sanitizer in regular intervals.
  • Shared treatment room surfaces will be completely sanitized between clients.
  • Therapists will change into new or freshly cleaned/sanitized PPE between clients.
  • As usual, all linens will be stripped and laundered between clients, but we will now be using the highest temperature water and dryer heat settings.
  • We have invested in 3-phase ‘air scrubbers’ for each Treatment/Power Down room which utilize HEPA filters, UV-C light and activated charcoal.
  • We now have UV-C ‘glow towers’ that can be placed in treatment rooms between shifts for additional whole-room disinfecting.
  • We have added an H2O2 Fogging machine to our arsenal which will allow us to clean the float cabins MUCH more quickly. We have, temporarily, added additional time for cleaning between float times – but once we get into a rhythm, we should be able to return to our normal float schedule soon.

Thanks for slogging through all this info, Truthlings – it’s IMPORTANT and we appreciate your attention!

We may modify this list periodically as new information becomes available, so please check back before each visit to see if anything has changed! As always, please feel free to contact us directly by email: or phone: 443.595.8038 should you have any questions!


All Our Love,

~ Stacey, Bob & The Entire Truth Team